About Us

Raslan Group of Companies (RG) is a leading real estate

construction and investment business enterprise in Egypt and in the Middle East. As a premier investment company, it provides complete solutions in real estate, infrastructure, rehabilitation, design, water treatment and within various sectors.
The company is geared towards being ‘client-centric’, which entails that Raslan Group pays meticulous attention to its clients and works in harmony with its consultants. The end result, therefore, is one of outstanding value for our clients. Such relations are available in what is termed as RG’s ‘value’ network of individuals, where ties are fostered with sub-contractors, consultants, suppliers and even among the employees. Naturally, this takes RG to a place of growth through its cohesive alliances.


Water Treatment, Bottling & Distribution

Arab Company for Water Treatment and Bottling (AQUA) Located in Sadat City, 40 km from Cairo this project produces on average of 265,000 liters of water per day. The company’s production line is a state-of-the-art, fully automated type that is compliant with sanitation and health standards and specifications. Over time, the capacity of production has been increased mainly due to the increase in demand for the product. The project proved to be a great success after several studies were made to enhance the know-how of water treatment and bottling and to create a market vision for AQUA. Company growth lead to further business ventures which included exporting to Libya and South Africa.

Our History

Raslan Group’s expertise and industry experience began in1976 by Engineer Motaz Wasel Raslan. Raslan, a pioneer in his line of business, contributed greatly to the nation’s modernization methods of construction and hence, the development and creation of Raslan Group.
The group of companies has had potential to sustain an average of employees and has now evolved over the past two decades to gather unparalleled accomplishments and vast know-how since inception. This team is experienced and dedicated to ensure the proper functioning of all operations, and RG believes that the ‘team’ is the main engine behind its business success.

Standing as one of the most prominent corporate identities in Egypt and across the Middle East, Raslan Group comes across as a symbol of dependability and quality assurance. The company has worked extensively to create and produce contracting buildings, gated-communities, complexes and compounds located in Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. More importantly, a key initiative of RG is the continuous evolution and upgrade in its services, know-how and equipment thus maintaining a high standard of operational capability.
From it’s commencement in 1976, RG showed its success through various business ventures and in separate fields. Construction, engineering and consultancy endeavors paved the way to further real estate developments in the early 1990s. Alongside these achievements, a bottling company, AQUA, was created in 1997 and proved to be in direct competition with other companies in the water and bottling industry. In the late 1990s, there was a move towards integrating RG in the chemicals and metals industry followed by a trading company in 2006.